Qué es una Apostilla?

¿Necesita información acerca de lo que es una apostilla legalización ?, ¿Por qué es tan importante ?, y cómo puede conseguirlo? Mira el vídeo a continuación para obtener más información sobre esta asignatura

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Buenas noticias acerca de Brasil Visa Mercosur

A good news on ARG Immigration! Brazilian MERCOSUR 2-Year Visas are being approved within the same day!. This is an amazing improvement for BRAZILIANS ONLY. We still have many who have been renewing their 3-month provisory residency consecutively for at least 3 times. The new electronic system for visa processing is really starting to pay.

Nueva Zelanda Embajador en Argentina

Today I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Mrs. Raylene Siale Tagaloa, Ambassador for New Zeland in Argentina, who expressed her deepest condolences for the terrorist attack that took place in Christchurch, NZ last Friday and also discussed about the wide variety of business opportunities that both countries have. The event was organized by the.